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Help Kids Keep Track of the Journal and Diaries They Read

Many children find it a lot of fun to keep track of their accomplishments. Since youngsters either find reading challenging or a welcomed task, keeping a running list of what they read can be quite appealing. Whether they keep it themselves or require a bit of writing help from mom or dad, creating a reading log using this sheet is sure to be a great activity to show continued growth.

This simple reading log page encourages learners to mark the date, title, author and either pages read or time read. A check box is included for completion of titles, if needed. If you desire, older learners can choose to check off the box when the book is completed rather than marking daily reading.

Additional reading log pages are available in this simple yet inviting style as well as in an advanced style which not only provides space to note reading accomplishments, but also teaches about different types of literature by genre definition. Feel free to mix and match styles to create a yearlong keepsake or proof of learning for your learner. Add one of our bright and appealing reading log covers, and you are all set to begin logging in the reading fun.


Age:  Elem+
Focus:  Tracking and recording reading time and titles
Theme:  Journals and diaries

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Create DateJuly 15, 2013
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