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Jr. Nature Notebooking Set

Bright and Fun Unlined Jr. Nature Notebooking Set Help Learners of Any Age Get Closer to Nature.

Help children discover God's glory in action by studying science and nature using our Jr. Nature Notebooking Set. Designed to be used on nature walks with Charlotte Mason-style science narrations or even Classical Learning method notations, these sheets can add fun and color to science notebooks or nature journals for young children.

Jr. Nature Notebooking Set

There are seventeen pages in this resource set. Each page has a nature theme and has a sizeable unlined space for writing, drawing, or affixing photos or treasures from nature walks or backyard hunts. Print out as needed and use as-is or print double-sided on heavy bond paper and bound in a 3-ring binder, folder, duo-tang, or comb spine to create your nature journal.

Themes featured in this Jr. Nature Notebooking Set include the following.

Apples and Squiggles
Camping in the Pines
Cloudy Skies
Crows in Blue
Dark Wood and Forest Finds
Fall Leaves
Goldfish and Bubbles
Light Wood
Night Time, Teddies and Stars
Ocean and Otter
Ocean, Orca, and Starfish
Sea Turtles
Starry Sky

Some ways to preserve something seen or experienced on a nature walk using this little sheet include the following.

-Draw a picture of it.
-Make a doodle of it and write a sentence or two about it.
-Write a full page about it.
-Glue the article (feather, seed, leaf, etc.) onto the sheet and then put the entire sheet into a plastic sheet protector.
-Write a poem about it.
-Take a photograph of the thing and then glue it onto your nature journal sheet.

Age: Wee+
Focus: Observing nature
Theme: Apples, fall, nature walk, nature journal

Jr. Nature Notebooking Set
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