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How well do your students know the Testaments of the Bible? Find Out by Playing the Know-N-Go Game - Which Testament Is It In.

Use this Know-N-Go Game - Which Testament Is It In to review some of the books contained in the Testaments of the Bible. It may be helpful to remind players that although this game lists eighteen books, there are seventy-three books included in the Catholic Bible. Some of them are part of the Old Testament, while other books are listed in the New Testament of the Bible.

How to Use the Know-N-Go Game - Which Testament Is It In?

In this game, players must decide if the books of the Bible presented belong in the Old Testament or the New Testament of Holy Scripture. Eighteen players can participate at one time in this get-up and move style classroom or home education game.

As you say "Know-N-Go," learners should read the title of the book on the square in front of them. After deciding if the book is part of the Old Testament or the New Testament, they should write their answer in the matching numbered square. Write OT for Old Testament and NT for New Testament. After a designated amount of time (perhaps five or ten seconds), repeat the phrase "Know-N-Go" to prompt learners to move to the next square. Continue until all the squares have been filled-in on their playing sheet.

Check answers together and discuss as needed.

This Know-N-Go Game - Which Testament Is It In includes instructions, playing sheets, and an answer key. Although the game contains color, it could easily be printed out in grayscale. It is perfect for CCD or Religious Education class use and could even serve as an easy party game.

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