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Know-N-Go Old Testament Game

Review Bible Facts with the Know-N-Go Old Testament Game!

Use the Know-N-Go Old Testament Game to review some of the events and details of the Old Testament of the Bible. It may be helpful to remind players that the Bible is God’s Word and that the events that occurred are not only historical, but exciting and proof of God’s love, authority, and power.

How to Use the Know-N-Go Old Testament Game

Learners answer basic questions about some of the most well-recognized people and events from the Old Testament in this get-up and move type classroom or home education game. One to eighteen players can play it.

As you say “Know-N-Go,” learners should consider the statement square in front of them and write the answer in the matching numbered square. After a designated amount of time (perhaps five or ten seconds) repeat the phrase “Know-N-Go” to prompt learners to move to the next square on their right. (It could be to their left if that works better for your area.) Continue until all squares have been filled-in on their playing sheet.

Check answers together and discuss as needed.

The file includes instructions, playing sheets, and an answer key.

This game is perfect for CCD or Religious Education class use and could even be an easy party game.

Age: Elem+
Focus: Group game, fact recall, Bible
Theme: Know-N-Go game, Old Testament, Bible game

Know-N-Go Old Testament Game
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