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Ladder of Creation Poster Lesson

Share the Account of Creation from the Bible with the Ladder of Creation Poster Lesson.

Download and build your Ladder of Creation Poster before starting the activity. Print it out, fold and overlap the pieces, and tape together to create a five-foot color poster. The ladder is noted with happy dancing numbers to represent the different days of Creation. Hang your ladder on the wall, bulletin board, or door. Print out and cut apart the accompanying text pieces to go along with this activity.

Ladder of Creation Poster Lesson

Read aloud the Creation account from the Bible or use an easier version that you may have or your DRE can recommend. Have children tape the corresponding word piece onto the ladder as they hear it mentioned in the account.

If you are working with more than a few children, as in a CCD class, simply divide out the word pieces evenly amongst the children. An answer card is included for quick reference.

You may want to follow up with the corresponding Week of Creation F3 piece for this activity.

This activity is suitable for CCD class use or individual home use as well.

Age: Elem+
Focus: Creation, poster
Theme: Week of Creation

Ladder of Creation Poster Lesson
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