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Explore the Leaders of the Catholic Church.

Use this cut-n-paste F3 KWL to help children learn about six different levels of leadership within the Catholic church.

Groups featured in this resource include the following.

  • Laity
  • Religious
  • Deacons
  • Priests
  • Bishops
  • The Pope

Learners will be asked to note what they already know about each level, what they want to know about it, and, after a bit of research or a lesson, what they learned about it.  Students fill in the information, cut out the pieces and glue them into place.  Finished pieces can be affixed into a religion notebook or an appropriate sized piece of cardstock.  A full collection of F3 pieces could be bound together using clasp rings, metal brads, yarn, or a comb spine.


Age:  Gr.4+
Focus:  Catholic Church
Theme: Leadership of the Catholic Church, KWL, F3

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Create DateJanuary 30, 2014
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