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Led by the Spirit Award Certificate Set

Acknowledge Student Achievement with the Led by the Spirit Award Certificate Set.

Use the Led by the Spirit Award Certificate Set to help recognize positive student achievement and behavior or when a learner performs virtuous acts of kindness, helpfulness, charity, responsibility, etc. in the school or parish setting. Catechists may want to recognize good punctuality, attendance, progress, or even friendliness in the classroom by posting completed awards on a bulletin board or wall. The certificates mimic the style of an "Employee of the Month" distinction.

This set includes three certificates - one with yellow text, one with red text, and a final version in black and white. Each has a fun font and features the Holy Spirit as a dove at the top.
Spaces are provided for a name, student image, and other info. Teachers should choose the page that best suits their needs.

Led by the Spirit Award Set for Kid

How to Use the Led by the Spirit Award Certificate Set

Fill out the sheet in a few easy steps. First, write the students name in the banner. Next, attach a picture of the student in the shield shape. Then fill out the few areas on the bottom, including what the student is being recognized for, who is giving the award, and the day's date. Some teachers may want to offer learners the opportunity to draw a picture of themselves or bring in a photo to feature on the page. Finally, post the award or provide it to the child to take home.

Age: Any
Focus: Student recognition, award, certificate
Theme: Led by the Spirit, Holy Spirit

Led by the Spirit Award Certificate Set
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