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F3 Activity Asks the Question - What Will You Do for Lent?

This Lenten F3 Activity helps explain a bit about prayer fasting, almsgiving, and penitence while it prompts children to learn even more about these traditional facets of one of the most popular liturgical seasons of the year.

Kids will enjoy this fun cut and paste activity. A four-flap F3 piece is used, and instructions are included right on the sheet. The piece is created, the provided cover affixed and then glued on to the reference sheet.

Plus there is a coloring activity as well. Students must decide which of the four facets of Lenten practices they intend to do and then actually accomplish each day. They are given a color key and asked to color in the appropriate box with the corresponding color. The Lenten season is mapped out for them as well so that following along with the liturgical calendar is easier and fun.


Age: Elem+
Theme: Lenten preparation activities
Focus: Lent, prayer, fasting, almsgiving, and penitence

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Create DateJune 26, 2013
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