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Let's Take Flight Saint Game

Be Inspired by St. Joseph of Cupertino with This Fun Flight Game!

Saints can intercede for us and help us in time of need.  St. Joseph of Cupertino is a saint who had many instances of levitating. Thus he is the patron saint of pilots and those who fly.  Many invoke his assistance when taking a trip by airplane.

In this game, children will create and fly a paper airplane.

St Joseph fo Cupertino Paper Airplane Game

Print out and cut the templates.  Affix the measurement pieces to the floor.  Create the airplane. Fly the planes for fun.  An instruction sheet is provided to assist in the folding process.  Each plane features a cute image and the initials J.C. (Joseph of Cupertino).  Space is provided for "pilots" to write their names on their aircraft before folding begins.

Age: Elem+
Focus: Saint study
Theme: St. Joseph of Cupertino, paper airplane, flight game

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  • Create Date October 18, 2016
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