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Jesus Appears to His Disciples Notebooking Set.

This sixteen-page resource set features many different layouts, line-spacing options, and writing pages to help learners of any age recall and retell the event we have titled: Jesus Appears to His Disciples.  St. Thomas is featured with Jesus in the image used in this notebooking set.

These writing sheets correspond with our printable Little Timeline of the Life of Christ and are quite suitable to use with lessons that teach about faith, St. Thomas or the events that took place immediately following the resurrection of our Lord.

Artwork from Caravaggio is featured in this writing set.

Age: Any
Focus: Life of Christ, narration
Theme: Jesus, St. Thomas, faith
Biblical Reference: Mk 16:14-45; Jn 20:19-26
This set includes 16 pages

Download the Little Timeline of the Life of Christ below.