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List It!! F3 Pieces Focus on the Continent of Antarctica

Each piece focuses on a particular aspect of the continent, including the following: features, foods, mammals, birds, reptiles, insects, clothing, and sights. The front flap piece has an actual map graphic of the continent and the inside contains spaces for eight items to be listed. Line spacing is inviting for new writers as well as perfect for those learning cursive.

Simply cut out the pieces on the lines, fill in the info, fold and glue to complete. There are two pieces per page.

You could glue these pieces into a geography notebook/scrapbook, affix in an F3 folder, or use our corresponding F3 Continental Suitcase to hold the pieces.

For a shortened and easier experience for younger children, you may want to read a book highlighting the continent or a country from the continent and have the learner copy in words they learned from one or a few of the books.

Feel free to be creative with or modify usage of this printable tool. Since Antarctica does not have a real population, you may want to write down articles that you may pack if you were going to be a scientist visiting for six months at a time. Remember that just because eight lines have been provided, doesn't mean that they all have to be used.



Age: Elem+
Focus: Continental studies
Theme: Antarctica, continent, geography

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