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Little Notes From Jesus About Prayer

Help Youth Connect to Christ through Scripture with Little Notes From Jesus About Prayer.

Use these eight Little Notes from Jesus About Prayer to help tweens and teens to learn about God and His Word in a way that is easy for them to understand.

These cards address topics that are sure to resonate with today's youth. Teens may even liken these printable cards to a tangible variation of a meme with a layout that is modern and very casual. Truths from God's Word are summarized and designed to mimic a little informal note that Jesus would give to a friend. A Scripture reference accompanies each message of love to encourage further investigation and verification.

How to Use The Little Notes from Jesus About Prayer

Prepare the note pieces by printing out the file sheet and then cutting the eight pieces apart. Distribute as desired.

  • Include a note in a lunch bag or backpack
  • Leave a note on a dresser or night table to greet your teenager in the morning
  • Give out a card as a tool for reflection in Adoration
  • Distribute the cards as a discussion starter for a youth group meeting or Religious Education class
  • Give a card to be used as a scripture focus in between class meetings
  • Use a card as dialog starter for daily prayer
  • Place a card where it is sure to be found to help support a teen who is struggling with anxiety or depression
  • Share a note with a teen who is struggling with peers on social media

These Little Notes from Jesus About Prayer are not meant to replace Scripture study. Instead, we hope they serve as a modern way of helping kids to bond with Jesus and cling to God's Word as a source of comfort, hope, and direction. Parents, teachers, youth pastors, and catechists can use this tool to teach the ultimate Truth. That is, quite simply put, that God loves us and wants us to be with Him in heaven one day.

Age: Grade 7+
Focus: Youth, teens, Scripture study, encouragement
Theme: Little Notes From Jesus About Prayer, prayer

Little Notes From Jesus About Prayer
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