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Little Timeline of the Life of Christ

Our Little Timeline of the Life of Christ Reviews the Events in Jesus' Life.

Help children and youth discover Christ by focusing on 39 events that surround His life in the Little Timeline of the Life of Christ.  This smaller-sized timeline uses standard size paper and is perfect for small spaces or teachers who prefer to focus on incremental teaching.  Classic art has been used where possible.

This file contains image pieces, line pieces, an instruction sheet, and a reference sheet with ordered titles, scripture references, and names of featured artists if it is known.

These are the events listed in the Little Timeline of the Life of Christ.

As the Angel Commanded Him, Zachariah Names His Son, John
The Annunciation of the Birth of Christ to the Virgin Mary
The Visitation of Mary with Her Cousin Elizabeth
Jesus Christ Is Born (Christmas)
The Angels Announce Christ’s Birth to the Shepherds in the Fields
The Visit from the Magi from the East
The Presentation of Christ in the Temple
The Holy Family Flees to Egypt
Jesus Is Found in the Temple After Three Days
John the Baptist Prepares the Way for Jesus by Preaching and Baptizing
Jesus Is Baptized by John, His Cousin, on the Banks of the River Jordan
Jesus Performs His First Miracle at the Wedding Feast at Cana
Jesus Heals the Sick and Preaches to the People
Jesus Raises the Son of the Widow Naim from the Dead
Jesus Stills the Storm and Quiets the Tempest
Jesus Feeds the Multitudes with Five Loaves and Two Fish
Jesus Teaches His Disciples to Pray
Jesus Teaches with the Parable of Dives and Lazarus
Jesus Rebukes His Apostles and Blesses the Children
Jesus Raises His Friend, Lazarus, from the Dead
Jesus Gives the Commandment of Love
Jesus Describes the Last Judgement
Jesus Institutes the Eucharist and Priesthood at the Last Supper
Jesus’ Agony in the Garden
Jesus Is Kissed by Judas and Seized by the Soldiers in the Garden
Jesus Is Found Guilty of Blasphemy by the Council and Is Sentenced to Death
Jesus Is Scourged at the Pillar
Jesus Is Mocked and Given a Crown of Thorns
Jesus Is Presented to the Public and Condemned to Death
Jesus Takes up His Cross
Jesus Is Crucified on the Cross
Jesus Speaks His Last Seven Words and Dies on the Cross
Jesus Is Pierced with a Spear and Laid to Rest in the Sepulcher
Jesus Rises From the Dead (The Resurrection)
Jesus Appears to His Disciples
Jesus Makes Peter the Most Supreme Pastor (The First Pope)
Jesus Ascends to Heaven
The Descent of the Holy Spirit
The One True Church of Jesus Christ Begins to Spread all over the World

Age: Mid-Elem+
Focus: Events surrounding the life of Jesus Christ
Theme: Little Timeline of the Life of Christ