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Mary Garden Math Game

Mary Garden Math Helps Review Basic Addition Facts.

Are you planting a Mary Garden this year? If so, you might choose to put some roses for Our Lady in it. You may even need to buy a flat of twelve seedlings or baby rose plants to put in your garden. Voila - the premise of this math game!

Help young learners practice addition facts to twelve with this very simple game based on creating a Mary Garden in your backyard. Two to four players are ideal for this game.

Print out the file - one game board and a set of playing pieces per player are required. Cut apart pieces and gather two dice. Roll the dice and put a flower onto your flat. If the number is already filled in from a previous turn, the turn is skipped. The first to fill their flat with flowers to plant in their Mary Garden is the winner.

Age:  Wee+
Focus:  Math, Addition facts to twelve
Theme:  Blessed Virgin Mary, Mary garden, flowers

Mary Garden Math Game
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