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Mary Is Our Blessed Mother Tenty

Encourage Children to Learn About Our Lady with Mary Is Our Blessed Mother Tenty.

This Mary Is Our Blessed Mother Tenty is a freestanding pop-up tent card based on the Assumption. It features a cute image of a boy calling his mother for help. The encouraging title: The Virgin Mary is our Blessed Mother appears in a cheery font. The phrase, "As the Mother of God, she takes our needs to her Son, Jesus," is also presented.

Mary Is Our Blessed Mother Tenty - front
There is a beautiful image of the Assumption by Reni on the back and the words to the Hail Mary prayer.

Mary Is Our Blessed Mother Tenty - back

How to Use the Mary Is Our Blessed Mother Tenty

First, print out the file sheet. Next, cut the rectangle out on the solid gray lines. Then, fold the card on the dashed lines to form a loose tent. Finally, glue or tape the card into the position where indicated. Once assembled, this printable can sit on a dresser, night table, or bookshelf as a reminder that Mary is our spiritual mother.

Teachers can use this resource to teach about the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Assumption, Mary the Mother of God, or the Hail Mary prayer.

Age: Mid Elem+
Focus: Fine motor skills
Theme: Blessed Virgin Mary, Mary is our Blessed Mother, Tenty

This resource is one small part of That Weekly Liturgy Lesson for Kids-Solemnity of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary (Liturgical Cycle B).

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Mary Is Our Blessed Mother Tenty
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