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Mass Phrase Match-Up Game

Mass Phrase Match-Up Game Helps Children Grow in Their Knowledge of the Holy Mass and How to Participate in It.

In this game, children are encouraged to recognize that the Mass has unique parts, and specific phrases are spoken and prayed during each part.  Using simple print, cut, and play pieces, children can match up the prayer phrases to the parts of the Mass.

As a class, individually or in teams, have the children match mass phrases to the parts of the mass headings or use them in any way you want. You may want to have a missal handy for children who need assistance.

The Holy Mass has four basic parts in its overall structure. They include two main parts and two framing rites.

Introductory Rites (Greeting, Penitential Act, Gloria, Collect)
LITURGY of the WORD (Readings, Homily, Profession of Faith, Prayers of the Faithful)
LITURGY of the EUCHARIST (Preparation of Gifts, Eucharistic Prayer; Communion
Concluding Rites (Announcements, Blessing, Dismissal)

Many youngsters will not remember the formal names mentioned above. Still, they can easily recognize and learn the different parts of the Mass they participate in from a fundamental and almost practical sense. By consciously assisting at Mass, their participation is genuine and substantial.

Age:  Gr. 3+
Focus: CCD Games
Theme: Parts of the Mass

Mass Phrase Match-Up Game
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