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Mermaid's Treasure Hunt No.4 Math Game

Mermaid's Treasure Hunt No.4 Math Game Is Math Fun

Players can help the mermaids collect ocean treasures such as clams, starfish, sea horses, and more by correctly adding simple sums based on the number four.

Cut out pieces, glue them together, attach a paperclip, and fish with a pole and magnet. The player keeps any treasure they catch and answer correctly.

For added fun, players can keep track of the treasures they collected using a matching graph sheet. They will use tally marks in a simple pictograph style - one tally represents one treasure.

Teachers can easily add this treasure hunt based on the number three with other treasure hunt games to vary problems and promote mastery of concepts.  They can print out additional sets to allow for more practice as well. 

This game accommodates one to four players and can be played in a cooperative or competitive version.  It can be a self-correcting game and complements the Montessori learning style very well.

Age: Elem+
Focus: Math Games
Theme: Simple addition, the numeral 4 addition fact family, oceans

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  • Create Date June 17, 2013
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