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Merry Christmas Baby Jesus Ornament

Bring Cheer to Your Classroom with a Merry Christmas Baby Jesus Ornament.

Our Merry Christmas Baby Jesus Ornament is sure to bring smiles to your classroom, learning area, or Christmas Tree. It features a sweet infant Jesus lying in a manger inside a brightly colored ornament.

Merry Christmas Baby Jesus Ornament

There are two versions of the ornament. One version is in color, and the other is in black-and-white ready for decoration by students. There are four ornaments per page.

How to Use the Merry Christmas Baby Jesus Ornament

First, print out the file. Select to either use the color or the black-and-white version. (Students can decorate the uncolored version.) Next, cut the pieces apart on the straights lines then have learners use fine motor skills to cut the shape out on the dotted lines. Punch a hole at the top to be able to hang the ornament. If desired, you can tie a piece of decorative ribbon through the hole. Finally, hang your ornament on a Christmas tree, garland, wreath, or other decoration.

Some may want to create a double-sided version of this Christmas ornament by cutting two shapes out and gluing the unprinted sides together.

Age: Wee+
Focus: Fine motor skills, Christmas, Class Decoration
Theme: Merry Christmas Baby Jesus Ornament, Christmas ornament
This file contains a color and black-and-white version of the same ornament.

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Merry Christmas Baby Jesus Ornament
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