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Mini-Book Reading Log Provides Opportunity for Fun and Discernment

Encourage children to read and log the titles of their favorite books with this easy to make mini-book reading log. Each page requires children to list the title and author of each book read as well as to determine if the book they read was uplifting or not. Kiddos simply circle the cross for a positive and uplifting book that helps encourage good Christian behavior, or they can circle the snake if the book left them feeling not so nice, or had a plot or characters that weren't very virtuous. This resource can help children practice discernment in their reading, which is a very valuable skill.

To create this fun little log simple print out the sheets and cut down the center on the line provided.  Fold column pages in half on the dotted lines, words facing outward. Stack pages together; place cover page around the stack and staple at the top. Marks have been provided on the inside pages to give you a guide.

For added fun, you may want to stamp completed pages with a cute rubber-stamp.


Age: Elem+
Focus: Discernment in selecting and reading literature
Theme: Reading log, uplifting reading, tracking reading progress

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Create DateJuly 2, 2013
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