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Montessori Card Set Featuring Workers

Help Young Learners Recognize Various Workers or Trades by Sight and Title with the Montessori Card Set Featuring Workers.

Kids can learn at their own pace or through play using this set of Montessori cards. This colorful Montessori Card Set Featuring Workers includes cards and a control card, highlighting twenty-six (26) different occupations or trades. They have builder, police officer, butcher, grocery clerk, firefighter, farmer, doctor, electrician, pilot, computer programmer, politician, movie producer, astronomer, photographer, salesperson, fashion designer, scientist, server, delivery person, artist, ranger, baker, soldier, mechanic, clerk, and entrepreneur.

Montessori Card Set Featuring Workers

How to Use the Montessori Card Set Featuring Workers

There are two options for play, although some learners may enjoy looking at the cards.

Option One
First, print out one set of cards and cut all the pieces apart on the black lines. Next, mix all the cards up. Then, have the player match each title to the correct image. They can check their answers using the included Control Card.

Option Two
Print out two sets of cards and use them for Memory Match (Concentration) and Go Fish games.

This Montessori Card Set Featuring Workers was inspired by Mark 6:1-6. It helps us earn that God wants us to focus on doing good. He does not want us to become distracted or disheartened easily. The people in Nazareth discredited and rejected Jesus in part because they were too familiar with Him. They could not believe that the "Carpenter's Son" could be so blessed, wise, and knowledgeable. They had no faith in Him. And Jesus, for His part, did not allow Himself to be distracted by their hurtful words, poor behavior, or lack of faith. He simply left town to continue His mission. He took His message of salvation to those who wanted to believe in Him. We can imitate Christ by focusing on doing good, which nearly all workers can do.

TIP: Print the cards on cardstock or heavier bond paper if students use the set a lot. Some teachers may want to laminate the finished pieces for longevity, much handling, and repeated use.

This resource is only one small part of That Weekly Liturgy Lesson for Kids - 14th Sunday in Ordinary Time (Liturgical Cycle B).

Age: Any
Focus: Montessori Cards
Theme: Workers, jobs

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Montessori Card Set Featuring Workers
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