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Are Lists of Words Fun to Use?

Let's be honest, sometimes lists of spelling words aren't much fun to work with. They can lack meaning, be too challenging, or just be plain tedious for youngsters. But what if you could hop on a Spelling Train and practice your spelling words or learn new words, or even create sentences with fast chug-chug fun? Of course, I'd want to get on and practice my spelling and vocabulary words too!! Wouldn't you?

This resource was inspired by our trip to the Rockies. The Rocky Mountains are train country up here in B.C., Canada and what better way to keep memories of our trip alive then with printable train themed learning fun.

Print out our free .PDF file. Cut apart the pieces and instruction card. Gather a list of words you want to use in your spelling or vocab fun. Have the kiddos practice spelling the words or making sentences by finding the individual pieces (train cars) and connecting them to the train (steam engine or handcar provided).

The Spelling Train file contains:

-Four of each letter from the alphabet in four different colors - red, yellow, green, blue. Uppercase letters are also provided. Vowels are on their own sheet in case more of these popular letters are needed.
-Grammar pieces in four colors including: apostrophe, comma, period, question mark, exclamation point, open quotation mark, and close quotation mark.
-Blank pieces are also included to act as a separator for words created in a sentence.

Feel free to make your collection as big or as small as you want. A larger collection means that children can practice together. Older kids can play a slightly competitive style of trying to spell words or make phrases the quickest. Fun for all ages!

We hope that your children enjoy using the Spelling Train and look forward to practicing hands on spelling fun.


Age: Wee+
Focus: spelling words or a sentence using proper capitalization, punctuation, and spelling
Theme: trains, working together, traveling, transporting goods

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Create DateJune 17, 2013
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