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More Pirates Theme Weekly Activity Sheet

More Pirates Theme Weekly Activity Sheet Can Keep the Week Organized and Help Learners Develop Independence

Pirate fans will delight in these fun but straightforward sheets to help children keep track of activities and tasks they do throughout the traditional learning week.  Rather than writing a repetitive to-do list for children, parents and teachers can help learners foster independence as kids list and check off activities and tasks they do a few times a week or daily.

Spaces are provided for a date, and up to ten different activities can be checked off once a week, Monday through Friday, or as needed.  Learners can list daily learning activities such as writing out spelling words, practicing multiplication tables, or reading independently and then check them off as they complete them every day.  Other users may want to list chores or personal activities such as attending piano lessons, attending classes or co-ops, or having swimming lessons, which may occur only once or twice a week.

This two-page resource features a girl and a boy pirate with a black border and pirate hearts.  The selected font reinforces the skill of reading cursive writing.  The page design can easily accommodate storage in a three-ring binder.

Age:  Gr.3+
Focus:  Fostering time management and independence in learning
Theme:  Pirates

More Pirates Theme Weekly Activity Sheet
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