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Multiples of Love Math Counters

Reinforce Math with the Multiples of Love Math Counters.

Print out, cut apart and use our love-themed counters that are perfect for St. Valentine's Day, a unit study on charity, or any time during the learning year.

This set of math counters focuses on reinforcing numbers from 0-100, Even & Odd Numbers, Tags for Prime, Composite, Factor, Multiple, LCM.

Bright and vibrant, this set of cards allows simple counting and numeral ordering and focuses on the concepts of odd and even, prime numbers, composite numbers, factors, and multiples. By placing the tag heading next to called numbers or parts of number sentences, players must figure out all the factors of that number or tell whether it is composite or already a prime number. You can also set out multiples of specific numbers and determine which number is prime or the LCM of a specified number. There are many easy, non-threatening, fun play ways for kids who are uncomfortable with math to become more confident in their math practice.

Teachers can use this set for lots of different math games and activities, so a one-time prep can last for tons of play and learning fun.

Age:  Wee+
Focus:  Math
Theme:  Math counter, Love

Multiples of Love Math Counters
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