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Help Children Explore Their Favorite Country

This little My book features writing prompts to assist learners in exploring the country of their choice.

The first few pages ask children to note it on a world map, provide its latitude and longitude, as well as to draw its flag. A title and end page are provided for additional doodling fun. The rest of the book contains the following question prompts.

What are the major cities and capital city of the country?
What kinds of products or goods do we get from this country?
What do people eat there?
What do people wear there?

To create this resource simply print out the file, have learners fill in the information, cut apart the book, then stack and staple the pages. Finished books can be affixed to any of our Mini-Book Keepsake pages, if desired.


Age: Any
Focus: Geography
Theme: Country

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Create DateOctober 17, 2013
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