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The My Family Is Special Learning Cube Helps Kids Reflect on Their Family.

Create this paper My Family Is Special Learning Cube to help youngsters think about the Holy Family and their own family in a fun and interactive way. This tangible paper game is an excellent resource for class or small-group play as well as a take-home tool.

The six-sided My Family Is Special Learning Cube will present the following tasks to be completed by the player who rolls the cube.

-Give one way for you to more holy in your family.
-Name one special thing about your family.
-Give the name of one person in the Holy Family.
-Give the name of one person in your family.
-Name something you like to do with your family.
-Give one way to invite Jesus to be a part of your own family.

Playing with this learning cube is a great way to promote discussion and sharing, although you may desire to use it as a class warm-up or to fill the last few minutes of a class period.

This My Family Is Special Learning Cube is only one small part of That Weekly Liturgy Lesson for Kids - Feast of the Holy Family (Cycle C).

Age: Any
Focus: Family; learning cube game
Theme: My family is special; The Holy Family,

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