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My Geography Adventure to Japan Project

Learn About New Places with the My Geography Adventure to Japan Project.

Learn about the culture and country of Japan through this creative research project that is almost guaranteed to bring a smile to your learner's face.

My Geography Adventure to Japan Project

Suitable for Gr. 4 and higher, this project combines research with narration, art, and creativity as learners pretend to travel to Japan to visit a cousin.

My Geography Adventure to Japan Project is a fun way to learn and present information about Japan and its people. This activity challenges learners to answer fifteen questions. The questions cover some of the following.

Geographical information
Education system
Current political leadership
Family customs
Everyday living

A student gives a written narration and illustrations in their project notebook.

The creative fun is in the illustrations.
There are graphics to represent your learner (either boy or girl) and a graphic to represent the main project character, a nine-year-old girl named Mizuki. Learners use the included graphics to represent themselves and the main character in their adventures in Japan. Students could complete the questions with the one-to-one rule - one question answered on one page using at least one graphic character to illustrate or add interest to the content. Other graphics, photos, brochures, clippings, etc., could also add more interest.

You are encouraged to use any number of resources you may have at home to help learners complete the project. These could be books, videos, magazines, etc. The Internet is a convenient resource as well. Be careful to monitor websites for content changes, which may have occurred after the publication of this project.  Other bits of help are listed in the instructions.

Age: Gr. 4+
Focus: Cultural study of Japan
Theme: An imaginary trip to Japan to visit a family member

My Geography Adventure to Japan Project
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