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Explore the Human Body as the Temple of the Holy Spirit and the Vehicle to Glorify and Love God with This Little Mini-Book

Use this simple eight-page mini-book to examine the role our body plays in our spiritual and moral life in as much detail as desired.  Print out, fill in, then cut apart and staple the pages together. Glue onto our Mini-Book Keepsake Pages to create a library of your child's work or document their learning. Even advanced learners can use these little books for narration, defining terms, drawing diagrams, or just simple learning fun.

We encourage you to use resources you already have on hand or can easily access online or from your local library to fill in the needed information.

This resource does not include writing prompts to allow for more creativity, drawings and narration.
Age:  Elem+
Focus:  Human body, fact recall, narration
Theme:  God's purpose for our body, temple of the Holy Spirit

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Create DateJuly 3, 2013
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