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Help Children Recognize Ways to Keep Their Bodies Safe

Use this simple eight-page mini-book to help learners recall or narrate or illustrate ways they can keep their bodies safe in a variety of situations.  Print out, fill in, then cut apart and staple the pages together. Glue onto our Mini-Book Keepsake Pages to create a library of your child's work or document their learning. Even advanced learners can use these little books for narration, defining terms, drawing illustrations, or just simple learning fun.

This resource does not include writing prompts to allow for more creativity, drawings and narration.

Situations that could be highlighted include crossing the street safely, not touching outlets with wet hands, not giving out personal information via texts, internet safety, going to the washroom at a mall, playing at a park, etc.



Age:  Elem+
Focus:  Human body, fact recall
Theme:  Keeping safe in a variety of situations, protecting yourself

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Create DateJuly 3, 2013
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