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My Mini-Book All About Me

Help Children Discover What Makes Them Unique with the My Mini-Book All About Me.

This eight-page mini-book presents questions that help children see themselves as special and unique. Print out the pages and cut them apart on the dotted lines. Stack and staple them where marked; then have children fill in the information. The prompts in this mini-book include the following.

(Cover) Draw a self-portrait.
I am _____ years old. God put me in a family with these special people. (Name or draw them below.)
Six words that describe me are . . .
My favorite foods to eat are. . .
My favorite Saint is _________. This is why I like him or her. . .
If school was canceled tomorrow, I would spend the day doing. . .
If I could ask God any question, it would be. . .
(End page) Closure page

There are two versions included in this file - American English and British English.

Age: Elem+
Focus: Writing, building self-esteem
Theme: All About Me Mini-Book
Versions: U.S. and U.K. English versions included in the file.

My Mini-Book All About Me
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