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My Parish Is Special Mini-Book

Help Children Discover Their Parish with the My Parish Is Special Mini-Book.

This eight-page mini-book presents questions that help children see their parish as special and unique. Print out the pages and cut them apart on the dotted lines. Stack pages and staple them where marked; then have children fill in the information. The prompts in this mini-book include the following.

(Cover) Title (provided) and Author line.
What is the name of your parish? Where is it located?
Draw a picture of your parish church below.
Who is your pastor? Tell about him or draw his picture below.
What do you like best about your church?
What would you change about your church?
Who are some of your friends in your parish?
What is your favorite part of going to Mass at your church?

Age: Elem+
Focus: Writing, exploring a parish
Theme: My Parish is Special Mini-Book

My Parish Is Special Mini-Book
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