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Write and Draw to Narrate About Occupations and Community Workers

Encourage narration, art and creativity with this set of narration art cards that focuses people doing a variety of jobs.  Each page of this story-starting resource is designed to be folded in half to create an art and narration card.  One side of the card provides one occupational theme graphic and ample space to draw a picture incorporating the graphic into it.  The other side of each sheet contains interlined writing lines to narrate the meaning or plot of the picture drawn.

Use one or two, all of them over the course of a unit study, or share them within a class.  It is amazing to see how one simple image can conjure up different ideas to different people.  This set contains 33 different sheets.

Completed pictures can be stacked and bound as in an art book or children can use them to play a guessing game.  They can read their narrations as they share their pictures, or they can display the pictures and have others guess what's the storyline behind the picture.

Images include:  nurse, waitress, surgeon, TV reporter, meteorologist, bus driver, chef, sheriff, mechanic, janitor, ecologist, astronaut, and more.


Age:  Gr.3-6
Focus:  Narration, drawing
Theme:  Community Workers, occupations

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