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Nominate a Saint Ballot Sheet

Help Your Class Find Saints in Action

This Nominate a Saint Ballot Sheet is a class activity that can encourage children to learn about the Saints and the virtues that make them pious. Learners can also discover that they are also called to be saints in the modern world.

As the study of different Saints occurs within the classroom, learners are challenged to make a mental note of the Saint's pious character traits and nominate a fellow student who seems to share some of their virtuous ways.

There are six cut-apart ballots per sheet with the following prompts on each one.

-Name of Student
-Name of the Saint you think they are like
-Some special traits that the Saint and the student share are

Teachers may decide how to highlight the nominated child or the particular benefits that nomination will bring, for example, leading prayer or not having to clean up for a week, etc.

Age:  Elem+
Focus:  Saint study
Theme:  Recognizing virtuous character traits in learners

Nominate a Saint Ballot Sheet
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