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Palm Sunday Wristband Set

The Palm Sunday Wristband Set Helps celebrate the Beginning of Holy Week.

Wearing a colorful band from the Palm Sunday Wristband Set reminds children of the meaning of Palm Sunday, the Passion of the Lord, as well as the start of Holy Week.

How To Use

To use this printable, cut apart the bands on the dotted lines. Measure against the wrist of the student. Trim to fit. Tape or staple to close. Each sheet provides four identical bands. Choose from two versions of the wristband - color as well as black-and-white.

Wristbands feature the title, "Palm Sunday," and green palms in a row. To reinforce the Passion of the Lord, the liturgical color of red is also used in the text and borders. Use this Palm Sunday Wristband set as a tangible reminder that Jesus humbly entered into Jerusalem for the last time on Palm Sunday.

Age: Any
Focus: Wristband
Theme: Wristband, Palm Sunday
This wristband set contains a color and a black-and-white version.

This printable wristband is only one small part of That Weekly Liturgy Lesson for Kids for Palm Sunday (Cycle b).

Palm Sunday Wristband Set
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