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Parts and Tools of the Catholic Church Game in B/W

Learn About Sacramentals with the Parts and Tools of the Catholic Church Game in B/W.

Help bring life and understanding to the church's practices in the hearts of young learners through this Parts and Tools of the Catholic Church Game in B/W. It features sacramentals of the church, including tools used in holy Mass, things often seen in the church, and those that can bring us closer to God through prayer.

Ready for repeated use once prepared, this game is fun and simple to use. Players match word cards with corresponding picture cards. This game is suitable for one-on-one learning or perfect in the classroom for CCD or Religious Education classes. It is amazing how having words and pictures together in a group of children can build teamwork and memory skills simultaneously.

This game can help teach not only an item's name but also give it meaning. Even adults new to the Catholic faith can find it helpful.

To use: print out the file, cut apart squares, mix, and then match up. Laminate all pieces for longevity and durability.

This resource is also available in a color version and features actual photos of sacramentals.  Additionally, this printable is very well suited for classroom game play and bulletin-board use or wall displays.

Age:  Any
Focus:  Sacramentals
Theme:  Sacramentals of the Catholic Church, tools used in Holy Mass