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Fine Feathered Friends

Use this incentive chart featuring two perky penguins to track your learner's progress in any number of areas.   Encourage your child to track and meet their goals through a variety of tasks and activities. To get started simply print out the chart, write in the learner's name and goal and then place in a prominent spot where it is sure to be view.  Fill in the chart as effort is given. You could use stickers, a check mark, or have the child color in the square with a felt marker or crayon. The days of the week are provided in the column headings; however, Sundays are excluded for rest.

Goal Ideas:
As one penguin isn't so neat looking with his crooked tie, this theme could easily be used personal neatness, taking a bath, personal hygiene tasks, or just for fun.


Age:  Any
Focus:   Personal Progress
Theme:  Penguins

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