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God Is Indeed Perfect.

Help children learn about what makes God perfect and how that directly translates to their lives, salvation, and their knowledge of the faith.

This lesson set presents the six perfections of God by title, by image that can be easily related to each, and also with explanatory examples as well.

Many may be tempted to pass over these core truths about God in an effort to get onto lessons on the Trinity, the sacraments, or Jesus as the Good Shepherd. But, without understanding what makes God so unique and meaningful to us as Catholics, trying to understand why or how God loves us or cultivating a relationship with Him can sometimes be difficult at best. Facts make sense, and everything falls into place once we know what makes God….God.

The perfections listed in this lesson are the following.
God Is All Merciful.
God Is All Good.
God Is Eternal.
God Is Almighty.
God Is All Knowing.
God Is All Present.

Examples provided are generally familiar to children and can easily be expanded upon by teachers. Teachers could expand this lesson as needed for older children.

A few sample examples provided for young Catholics in this lesson are:
God Is All Present = Jesus is present in the Eucharist.
God Is Eternal = God always was, is, and will be forever.
God Is Good = God cannot sin.

An answer key is provided in the lesson.   A matching F3 Folder is available to accompany this lesson.


Age: Elem+
Focus: Perfections of God
Theme: Perfections of God matching game with image, title, and examples.

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