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Picture Puzzle for Christ's Question of Who Do You Say That I Am

Focus on Jesus' Inquiry: Who do you say that I am?

Use this puzzle featuring an antique picture of Jesus and the scripture passage from Mark 8:29 to teach children that Jesus is the Christ.

“Then he saith to them:  But whom do you say that I am?  Peter answering said to him: Thou art the Christ.” ~Matthew 8:29

This scripture learning game is simple to use. Cut out the various pieces and mix and match to recreate the image and encourage scripture knowledge and mastery. A scripture piece and title piece are also included. Advanced learners can use this game to commit the specific passage to memory. The puzzle has four different levels - 4, 9, 12, and 20 pieces. Store all pieces in a small stationary envelope. Repeat for review as necessary.

This is especially appropriate to use in lessons about Jesus the Christ (Messiah), truth, St. Peter, and the Holy Name of Jesus.

Age: Any
Focus: Scripture, solving simple puzzles
Theme: Jesus the Christ, St. Peter

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Picture Puzzle for Christ
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