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Plan and Plant a Garden Project

The Plan and Plant a Garden Project Can Be Nature Study Fun!

Whether you are interested in planting a Mary Garden, veggie garden, flower garden, or even a water garden, this Plan and Plant a Garden Project can be fun for the whole family. It teaches children about responsibility and patience through planning, growing, and monitoring a garden.

Among the most rewarding tasks is planting a garden. Whether it is a veggie garden, flower garden, water garden, or rock garden, planting seeds and watching them grow is a wondrous thing. Gardening is a great way to teach about responsibility and patience.

Using the learning and activity sheets in this packet, you can help your learner choose, plan, plant, and chart the progress of a garden of their choice. Use any basic gardening book from your shelf or local library to complete the activities.   This download includes worksheets, printables, and an answer key.


Online Resources to Accompany the Plan and Plant a Garden Project

We have listed some kid-friendly Internet resource links below to help you bring this project to life.

Kids' Valley Garden - This is a wonderful site out of Canada for children to explore on their own. Created by award-winning people who like horticulture and kids. It is really cool for kids.

Plant Life Cycle - This is a nice resource for children to view all of the parts of the plant lifecycle with many pictures.

My First Garden - This is a really great site with lessons to do, to read, and such. Designed for 4th grade, it provides lots of neat things for kids to explore on their own. They have a neat little encyclopedia of flowers and veggies as well. They talk about gardening in odd places as well.

The Kids Garden - This is a great reference site out of the UK for info on gardening and planting with children. Many areas are covered, including plant propagation with children, attracting butterflies and birds to your garden, pond life info, and more. There is even an "Ask the Expert" section as well. An added plus is its clean design and well-organized pages.

I Can Garden - This Canadian site has quite a bit of info on it for avid gardeners. They have a special "Kidz Corner" with lots of good articles and ideas for young gardeners.

How Stuff Works - Types of Gardens - Good reference for the types of the garden sheet above.

Fish Eaters: Mary Gardens - Great info about growing, planting, or enjoying a garden devoted to our Mother Mary.

This is a family project to help children learn about responsibility and patience through planning, planting, and monitoring a garden.
There is an opportunity to explore growing a Mary Garden as well.

Age: Elem+
Focus: Science, nature study
Theme: Plant lifecycles, Gardens

Plan and Plant a Garden Project
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