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Pope St. John Paul II Biography Learning Card

Pope St. John Paul II Biography Learning Card Enhances Saint Study.

The Pope St. John Paul II Biography Learning Card has a saintly focus and allows learners to fill in details to highlight the life of this beloved saint.  This fill in the blanks, biography-style learning card encourages young Catholics to learn about JPII.  It can easily serve as a reference for children to review, celebrate feast days, or play fact recall games when completed.

The card has prompts for basic biographical info and is sure to become a favorite learning tool.  Prompts include the following information.

Name of Saint
When they lived
Where in the world they are from
Date they became a Saint
Feast day
Representative Symbol

Print out the sheet, cut and separate the two identical cards, and have learners fill in the information to use this resource.  To complete, fold down the center and glue. Instructors can laminate the cards for longevity and durability. Laminating this card makes it a durable resource that will be used repeatedly and stored more easily. It also adds value to the card, telling your learner that the info on the card is important and worth preserving or protecting.

Learning cards are a great help for those homeschooling in small or limited learning areas that do not have tons of space.  Children often use the cards and refer to them, especially if they have been laminated and feel like a real "learning gem" in their hands. Users can easily store cards in a recipe box, decorative shoe box or a large, index-sized plastic container with divider tabs - like the kind you find at office supply stores.

Age:  Elem+
Focus:  Biographical information, developing research skills, Saint study
Theme:  Pope St. John Paul II

Pope St. John Paul II Biography Learning Card
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