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Encourage Research About Pope St. John XXIII

Use this prompted learning card to focus on the biographical information about St. John XXIII. This set features two identical cards, each focusing on basic information about this newly canonized Saint.

Prepare the cards for use by cutting the page in half to create two cards. Have children work individually, in groups, or as a class to fill in the required information. Trim around the card as indicated, fold in half on the dotted lines, then glue the sides together with the pictures facing outward. Completed biography cards may be laminated for future reference, if desired.

The writing prompts provided on each card include all the following.

Birth & Death
Home Country
Feast Day
Patron Saint of
One Neat Fact

Age: Elem+
Focus: Saint study, fact recall, introductory research skills
Theme: Pope St. John XXIII Saint Biography Learning Card

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