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Poster Featuring John 20:18

Help Young Catholics to Appreciate the Gospel with a Poster Featuring John 20:18.

Decorate your classroom or teaching area with a one-page Poster Featuring John 20:18. This fun, decorative sheet features two widened eyes and the verse of John 20:18, "Thomas answered, and said to Him: my Lord, and my God."

How to Use Our Poster Featuring John 20:18

Post a color or black-and-white version of this poster to accompany a variety of lessons, including the having faith in God, St. Thomas, the Second Sunday of Easter in Cycle B. Because of its simple layout; some children may enjoy using the black-and-white version of this poster as a coloring sheet.

Age: Any
Focus: Classroom decoration
Theme: Poster, John 20:18

This resource is one small part of That Weekly Liturgy Lesson for Children for the 2nd Sunday in Easter (Liturgical Cycle B).

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Poster Featuring John 20:18
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