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Pray By Heart Prayer Project Level I

Help Young Catholics Master Six Basic Prayers.

Encourage young children to learn six basic prayers used in the Catholic faith. This activity is the perfect term or year project for an early elementary-aged (K-Gr. 2) Religious Education class. Choose to store the project in a file folder, binder, pocket folder, or even display them on a wall or bulletin board.

Through a small group or class discussion, students will have a chance to learn what prayer is and then use the Six Prayers to Know reference sheet to learn the individual prayers. Once mastered, students track their progress by affixing fun, colorful Mastery Pieces to their Student Sheet. Modern icon images add meaning and help solidify learning. An over-sized, clear font accommodates new, young readers or those with learning challenges. Directions and discussion ideas are provided on Instruction Sheets.

Matching Mastery Certificates are also available for each of the six prayers covered in this project.

Age: Early Elem. (K-Gr.2)
Focus: Prayer
Theme: Learning basic prayers by heart

The prayers included in this project are Sign of the Cross, Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory Be, Guardian Angel Prayer, and the Prayer Before Meals.

Fun project to help children learn six Catholic prayers

Another version of this project, Pray By Heart Prayer Project (Level II), is also available for students Gr.3+.