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Prayers, Angels and Original Sin Handout

Teach or Review Using the Prayers, Angels, and Original Sin Handout.

This handout reviews the basics of prayer for young Catholics, including talking to God, how He answers us, and the purpose of prayer.  It also introduces the angels, including the first sin ever committed and original sin. The need for baptism is also touched upon.

Some teachers may want to use this as a review sheet to help build an understanding of these basic truths of the Catholic Church.  They will find many topics woven together to illustrate their connections to one another.

Age:  Gr. 2+
Focus:  Reference Sheet
Theme:  Prayer, angels, sin, St. Michael the Archangel, Adam and Eve, Baptism, original sin, Blessed Virgin Mary, Jesus, Garden of Eden

Prayers, Angels and Original Sin Handout
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