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Preschool Life of Christ Timeline

Celebrate Jesus with Young Learners Using the Preschool Life of Christ Timeline.

Use our Preschool Life of Christ Timeline to help very young children learn about Jesus with this friendly introduction to twenty-four (24) events during the life of our Lord.

This smaller-sized timeline uses standard 8.5"x11" size paper, perfect for small spaces. Those who prefer to use the Classical Learning style or an incremental teaching approach will find this Preschool Life of Christ Timeline especially useful. The images used feature modern 3-D digital art.

How to Use the Preschool Life of Christ Timeline

To create our Life of Christ timeline, follow these steps. First, cut apart all the pieces on dotted lines. Next, affix the purple lines to the wall or bulletin board by placing the header at the top and following down through time by alternating curves and lines. Finally, affix the cards to the lines. There should be three events per line. Display the pieces in chronological order or by desired study focus.  Two blank timeline pieces are also included to allow teachers to create additional events to add to the timeline.

Feel free to organize the lines and pieces to work best for your family or classroom. Many students enjoy moving the pieces to make way for others, so don't worry about putting each on perfectly. Using mac-tack on the back of pieces makes moving pieces very easy.


The events featured in the Preschool Life of Christ Timeline are as follows.

  • The Angel Gabriel Tells Mary That She Will Be the Mother of Jesus.
  • Mary Tells Joseph That She Is Going to Have a Child.
  • Mary Goes to Visit Her Cousin Elizabeth.
  • Mary and Joseph Go to Bethlehem.  There Is No Room for Them in the Inn.
  • Jesus Is Born in a Stable.
  • Mary Wraps Baby Jesus in Swaddling Cloths and Places Him in a Manger.
  • Shepherds from the Fields Come to See and Adore Baby Jesus.
  • Magi from the East Come Bringing Gifts to the Newborn King.
  • An Angel Appears to Joseph in a Dream, Then the Holy Family Flees to Egypt to Be Safe.
  • Jesus Is Baptized by John the Baptist in the Jordan River.
  • Jesus Fasts in the Desert for Forty Days and Is Tempted by the Devil.
  • Jesus Performs the Miracle of Changing Water into Wine at the Wedding at Cana.
  • Jesus Meets the Samaritan Woman at the Well.
  • Jesus Teaches the People in Parables and Proclaims the Kingdom of God.
  • Jesus Feeds the 5000 with Five Loaves and Two Fishes.
  • Jesus Tells the Parable of the Good Shepherd.
  • Jesus Walks on Water.
  • Jesus Blesses the Children.
  • Jesus Raises Lazarus from the Dead.
  • The Chief Priests and Scribes Plot Against Jesus.
  • On Palm Sunday Jesus Enters Jerusalem Riding on a Donkey.
  • “Take This, All of You, and Eat of It: for This Is My Body Which Will Be Given up for You.”
  • Jesus Is Captured in the Garden by Roman Soldiers.
  • Jesus Is Beaten and Crowned with Thorns.
  • Jesus Takes up His Cross and Carries It to Calvary.
  • Jesus Falls Because the Cross Is Very Heavy and He Is Very Weak.
  • Simon of Cyrene Helps Jesus Carry His Cross for a Short Time.
  • Jesus Is Crucified.
  • Jesus Dies on the Cross and Is Placed in a Tomb.
  • Jesus Rises from the Dead on the Easter Sunday.
  • Jesus Ascends and Goes Back to His Father in Heaven.
  • The Church Begins to Spread All over the World.

Age: Wee+
Focus: Life of Christ
Theme: The life of Jesus Christ, preschool timeline

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