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Priests Are Christ's Shepherds Display Activity

Priests Are Christ's Shepherds Display Activity Is a Fun and Decorative Lesson.

Need a unique lesson to help Catholic kids learn that the priesthood is a ministry of shepherding imitating Jesus, the Good Shepherd? Try our Priests Are Christ's Shepherds Display Activity, which is perfect for a CCD or Religious Education class. Not only does it incorporate group discussion as a teaching tool, but it can accommodate any number of students.

This CCD lesson can help children to understand that Jesus is the Good Shepherd, and He cares for us. This lesson highlights the Gospel of John 10:27-30 in which Jesus tells us, Himself, that He is the Good Shepherd. It is important that students understand that Jesus cares for us in many different ways. One way He does this is through His priests, Christ’s shepherds.

How to Use the Priests Are Christ's Shepherds Display Activity

This Religious Education lesson not only teaches kids about Christ the Good Shepherd and the priesthood but it also creates a unique display. Teachers may use the posters and completed pieces to decorate a classroom, bulletin board, hallway, or learning area. In this activity, learners will create a decorative note to their pastor.

To use the lesson, first print the materials out to accommodate the number of students. Next, prepare the pieces as suggested in the instructions. Then, hold your class discussion using the lesson sheets for guidance. Finally, create the display as directed in the sample layout.

The design of this activity is group use; it can comfortably accommodate a class of any size. And because the lesson file includes just about everything you need, it is easy to deliver. Teachers must provide art supplies, a Bible, and materials to put up the display. Find Scripture references and CCC notations for those instructors needing a bit of support.

The Priests Are Christ's Shepherds Display Activity is only one small part of our That Weekly Liturgy Lesson for Kids - 4nd Sunday of Easter (Cycle C).

Age: Elem+
Focus: Group learning and discussion, creating a classroom wall display
Theme: Priests are Christ's Shepherds, the priesthood, Jesus the Good Shepherd, display activity;

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Priests Are Christ
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