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Printable Chore Cards Set 2

The Printable Chore Cards Set 2 Chore Cards Can Help Bring a Smile When Completing Tasks.

Printable Chore Cards Set 2 features fourteen pages of different designs with eight cards per sheet. Write chores onto the cards and use them as is or affix them to an index card for durability. You could also choose to laminate them to keep them extra durable.

Store cards on rings or in an index card box, recipe card box, or a chore caddy. If you have quite a few cards or a larger family, you may want to use different colored index cards to sort chores or activities by task area or child.

Designs in this Printable Chore Cards Set 2 include the following traditional cleaning tasks and kid activities.

composting refuse
practicing the piano
reading a book
getting exercise
serving another

The images include boys as well as girls.

Age: Elem+
Focus: Chore cards
Theme: Children performing various tasks

Printable Chore Cards Set 2
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