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Protocols and Procedures Planning Sheet

Keep a Handy Reminder of What To Do by Using the Protocols and Procedures Planning Sheet.

Use this sheet to write down any special procedures or protocols to follow in the learning area or during the teaching year. These may include what to do if emergency maintenance is needed in the facility, how to deal with an ill student, where to put the recyclables, or how to vacate the premises properly.

How to Use the Protocols and Procedures Planning Sheet

There are two sections to this sheet. The top part has two columns set up like an if-then statement. The heading reads, "If This Happens-->Then Do This!" There is space to note four different topics. The bottom section has three rows with the simple heading, "Remember . . ." The entire page has a generous one-inch margin so that to allow for a three-hole punch on either side of the paper. Instructors can print as many copies as needed.

Note that some students in grades 7+ may find this planning sheet useful to organize rules of a sort, lab procedures, or scientific data.

Age: Gr. 7+
Focus: Planning Sheets
Theme: Protocols and procedures to follow

Protocols and Procedures Planning Sheet
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