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Purgatory Notebooking Sheet Set

Inspire Narration with the Purgatory Notebooking Sheet Set.

Use this eleven-page Purgatory Notebooking Sheet Set to help young Catholics write about purgatory.  Each sheet is slightly different, with each offering an opportunity for writing or narration.  Some layouts encourage lots of writing with closely spaced lines, while others allow for drawing or pasting an image if desired.  Two different themed black-and-white images are featured in this set.

Use this in a classroom setting for learners to take notes on your lesson on purgatory, or use them as a fact recall sheet or as inspiration for a paragraph or two on this process that prepares souls for the perfection of heaven.

Age:  Elem+
Focus:  Narration, Fact recall, writing
Theme:  Purgatory, Holy Souls

Purgatory Notebooking Sheet Set
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