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Reading Word Cards Set 2 Long Vowel Sounds

Encourage Youngsters with the Reading Word Cards Set 2 Long Vowel Sounds.

Print out sheets, cut cards apart and use for flashcard reading.  Alternately, teachers may print out two sets of cards for matching or concentration style games or go fish.

Words featured in this collection include the following.
Long A =  cake, came, fake, game, lake, name, rake, same, take, wake
Long E = bee, beep, deep, feed, heel, keep, peel, see, seed, weep
Long I = fine, hide, line, nine, ride, side, tide, vine, wide, wine
Long O = dome, hole, home, hope, joke, note, pole, pope, vote, woke
Long U = cube, cute, dune, fuse, mule, mute, rule, tube, tune, use
Mixed = made, maid, pail, pain, pale, pane, sail, sale, tail, tale

Age:  Any
Focus: Word recognition, Phonics,
Theme:  Words with long vowel sounds

Reading Word Cards Set 2 Long Vowel Sounds
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