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Help Encourage Reading with Little Word Cards Featuring Words with Specific Beginning and Ending Sounds

Print out sheets, cut cards apart and use for flash card reading.  Alternately, two sets may be printed out, and cards may be used for matching or concentration style games, or go fish.

Words featured in this collection include the following.
Sp- & St- Words = speak, spill, spin, spoke, spot, step, stick, still, stone, stop
Sm- & Sn- Words = smack, smell, smile, smog, smoke, snack, snail, snake, snap, snug
Sc- & Sw- Words = scab, scale, skate, skin, skip, swam, sweep, sweet, swim, swipe
Tr- & Tw- Words = trash, treat, tree, trick, trip, truck, twig, twin, twist, two
-St & -Sk Words = ask, desk, fast, list, mask, must, rest, risk, task, toast
-Nd & -Nt Words = bend, front, hand, hint, pond, saint, send, stand, tent, went


Age:  Any
Focus: Word recognition
Theme:  Words featuring beginning and ending consonant sounds

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Create DateJune 19, 2013
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